Antonio and David

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Jemal Karchkhadze

Translated By: Amir Zaki

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The book takes place in medieval Georgia. The book is narrated by an Italian traveler who visits the country with a group of European missionaries. Antonio and David is a strained drama, which describes a struggle of soul, on the background of religious and historical discourse. The book is a masterpiece of a powerful Georgian writer.

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Jemal Karchkhadze
Born in 1936 in the village of Ukhuti in Vani in western Georgia. He graduated in 1960 with a degree in Georgian language and literature at Tbilisi State University. His short story Igi (იგი) was published in 1977. This was followed by his most important novels The Caravan (ქარავანი, 1984), Antonio and David (ანტონიო და დავითი, 1987) and Zebulon (ზებულონი, 1988). He died in 1998 in Tbilisi.

Jemal Karchkhadze was granted three literary awards: 1999 – Georgian State Award for Dimension (განზომილება) and for his Contribution to the National Literature; 2007 – Award “Gala” for Complete Short Stories; 2007 – Award Librarian’s Choice for a novel Antonio and David (ანტონიო და დავითი).


Amir Zaki


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