Sincerely, Vincent: Van Gogh in letters

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Vincent Van Gogh

Translated By: Yasser Abdel Latif & Mohammed Magdy

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The letters debunk the popular conception of the artist as an unknown, naive genius recognized only after his death.

“You have the sense of a well-read person; van Gogh read everything from the Bible to Zola. And his talent was recognized even then,” she says.

Van Gogh complains about his eyes getting tired from painting. And he talks about sex.

“Van Gogh adamantly believed that too much sexual activity detracts from your work,” the curator said. “He believed sexual activity depletes you.” But when he had the money, van Gogh writes, he tried to visit a brothel about every two weeks.
There is little direct reference to his mental health, “but you’re aware that there’s this problem. He talks about calming his head,” the curator said.

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Vincent Van Gogh


Yasser Abdel Latif
Mohammed Magdy


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