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Hello, it’s a Muslim Calling
By: Group Of Authors
Category: Religion & Spirituality
Published: 2011
Format: Paperback

 The Middle East is changing once again, but this time by its own people and before the eyes of the world. For once, the people are the center of attention of the news, giving the West a chance to be reacquainted with Middle Easterns.
This book is written by young Egyptian Muslim professionals; in it, they narrate their own views of the world, their roles in them and how they are perceived. They try in their own words to answer questions asked by many westerners.
How different are Muslims from the rest of the world? Are they THAT different? Do they really have negative feelings towards the west? Does phobia really exist between Westerns and Muslims? Can Muslims converse?
This book you hold in your hand is a candid discussion of the status quo of the West and Muslims.
It is not written by political experts.
It is written by middle class Egyptians, who care about the world.
In this book you shall read about the history of Egypt and the current political dilemma of the Middle East, a young veiled girl’s testimonial and a theatrical dramatization of the current conditions in the form of a play.
This book is a collection of well-constructed thoughts of Egyptian Muslims seeking dialogue with the world, and hoping to put in the spotlight the true image of a young budding Middle East.

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Group Of Authors