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about us

Al Kotob Khan  is a real Khan for books, that shows books, provide a place to read, and research, and it is a social cultural center for our neighborhood, our city, and our country. It is a warm destination for those who wish to read a book safely and quietly, and may be with a cup of good coffee.

When Al Kotob Khan was founded, its motto was books and coffee. As for the bookshop, our choice was the book from the begining, whatever its nationality is : Arab, or foriegn, and we never chose the selling list or the bestsellers, we have imported various books led by that maxim, books that carried the values of enlightenment to the Arabic and Egyptian reader, we took the side of books that mainly serve cultural aims, like modern philosophy, social critiques, modern anthropology, and modern psychology, politics, economics, and literature, whether it was fiction, poetry, letters, or essays

Al Kotob Khan worked through 9 years as a bookshop, publisher, and a cultural center that devoted and committed to culture in our society via several periodical activities: Creative writing workshops that we take care through which, of the young future authors and work to publish their works. Al Kotob Khan achieved many creative writing workshops through 9 years that were supervised by talented authors who gave their knowledge, expertise and time, to young authors. Al Kotob Khan also holds discussions about books in a monthly fashion, it also shows Movies twice a month with a yearly theme. We also hold live music concerts.

Al Kotob Khan space is available for all talented young people to share their talents. We encourage those young writers and artists to meet their audience. On the other hand, Al Kotob Khan translated books from several languages to Arabic language, like Tarek Ali’s The Islam Quintet, and it publishes first debuts for young authors and also some of the very talented writers in Egypt and the Arab world.

Al Kotob Khan also is committed politically to spreading the values of enlightenment as we held several seminars in 2011 about political rights and the importance of elections and voting and constitutional rights for citizens.

We really believe that this work is an active participation in the society that we will keep doing committedly and with devotion in the future.

our services

Al Kotob Khan Bookshop is a premiere bookshop offering a wide range of diversified and high service for a wide audience.

The Coffee Corner
Nothing is better than browsing a book with a good cup of authentic coffee, in Al Kotob Khan we offer you a mini café service, where you can get a variety of coffee drinks, fresh juices, and snacks.
Air Condition
The book shop is air conditioned through all seasons, in the summer we offer a cool atmosphere suitable for fresh thinking, research, reading, study, and browsing our shelves.
Internet Wireless
In Al Kotob Khan, you are connected all the time, and for free you can do your research, stream your music, or check your Facebook.
Films Screening
Upstairs we have a well ventilated room with a projector and an Air conditioning where Al Kotob Khan shows a movie every month with an annually changing themes,